Anthony and Tasha

This month is a very exciting month for me, as I am preparing to cover and document 5 Weddings all over Northern California. It is past midnight right now and I just got home from Santa Cruz to photograph Anthony and Tasha’s Wedding. I backed up my memory cards and when I saw these pictures I just could not resist to post them. Of course, there are more coming…….. The cloudy background was actually the infamous Santa Cruz fog rolling in at 5 in the early evening. 🙂

Time to spill some honesty here, I got pretty choked up today while working behind the camera as I photographing Anthony and Tasha on their Wedding. They are just a match made in heaven… literally. I am so glad to be a part of their wonderful Wedding celebration.
Good night for now.

Their cute daughter, Brooklyn, couldn’t contain her excitement during the ceremony. So cute.

The emotional crowd during the slideshow

The crowd insists on a dance floor battle….

The ballroom’s roof opened up in the evening…..


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