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I started offering Headshots Service at my studio in which I provide service for Business Headshots, Executive Headshots, and LinkedIn Profile Headshots. This is the 2nd time my photo was published on the back cover of a book, this time for Walter J. Strach – the author of The Phaulkon Theory. I grabbed this section out of website:

In the seventeenth century, a determined and driven young Greek made his way by ship to Southeast Asia in search of wealth and fame. His name was Constantine Phaulkon. He arrived in Siam, learned the language, and soon became a dear friend to King Narai. Befriending the king was the first step to securing his legacy, but he had much more in mind. Phaulkon was appointed to the position of foreign minister of trade. He lured the French to join his life of luxury in Siam, and he soon secured several Europeans in positions of power. With the help of King Narai he has the Society of Jesuits believing Siam is about to become a Jesuit state. Only time will tell how history will view his actions. His story is told through the eyes of twentieth-first-century historian Dylan Montgomery, who specializes in Southeast Asia. His friend Theo is recovering from life’s bumpy road when they decide to investigate Phaulkon. How did a single man recreate the political fiber of a nation, and what became of his great wealth after his death? Dylan and Theo set out together to solve one of modern history’s great mysteries: the truth about Constantine Phaulkon.


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