Arnel and Maria – 50s Theme Fun Engagement Shoot

Arnel and Maria are high school sweethearts. They met in High School and they will be married in San Jose in May 2015. For their Engagement Session, they wanted to have a 50s Theme Fun Engagement Shoot so we searched for Diner that is quiet so we can shoot the Engagement Session during the day. We found the diner in Los Gatos where the owner were nice enough to use their restaurant. After the shoot, we headed out to the Lake Vasona and they brought their pet along with them. Since it is in the middle of fall, the rain was plentiful and the Lake cannot be more beautiful. It was so lush with green vegetation, perfect for the background of their intimate Engagement Session. These pictures will go into their custom signing book that I will design for their Wedding. Congratulations Arnel and Maria.

A couple kissed next to a juke box on their 50s theme fun engagement session
A collage of a couple sharing a milkshake
A man hugs his fiance in front of a juke box for their 50s theme fun engagement shoot
A picture of couple's legs in a 50's style diner
A couple being intimate in the park
A man nose kisses his girlfriend
A picture of a couple having a fun picnic in the park
A beautiful close up photos of couple
A couple pose in the beautiful, lush garden
An artistic close image of a couple
An image of girlfriend hugging her boyfriend in the park
A collage of a couple expressing their love
A collage of a couple having fun in the park
A picture of kissing couple surrounded by lush greenery
A photo of a couple with their loved pet
An image of a couple sitting on the bridge
A beautiful image of a couple in Lake Vasona
A cute picture dipping his girlfriend
An Artistic photo of a couple in front of a lake

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